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Lettuce incubator
There is a lot of demand for local lettuce here. The problem is that it is too hot for the seed to germinate during much of the year. Lettuce seed needs light and 65 degrees to germinate well. I decided to gamble and see what would happen if I bought the smallest, cheapest wine cooler I could find and used it to germinate the seeds. The cooler has a wide, adjustable temperature range, a glass door and a switchable light. It works. The Buttercrunch lettuce germinated in less than 24 hours. I have doubts about the viability of the New Red Fire seed but I'll give it another day or two.

Now if I can just get myself to go out and finish prepping the rows in the heat, humidity and lovebugs. The bugs just swarm around the tractor. Seems they like gasoline fumes.

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